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Christmas in Reception!

We have had two highlights this week: the first one was the snowball fight we had in the big playground… so much fun!! And the second highlight has been seeing all the children’s ( and parents!! :)) work with the stables. We have loved them so much!! The children were excited to show it to their peers and explained who/what was in them.

Parents, we are really greatful for all you effort put at home with the reading books and homework. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May God gives you peace and joy during this lovely season when we remember that Jesus was sent to earth to save us!

Reception week 28.11.22

We are starting to get ready for Christmas in Reception! We have set up a Christmas post-office and a Santa’s workshop, and the children have been wearing Santa and Elf’s costumes, writing letters to Santa, wrapping presents too; so much fun and decorating lots of Christmas crafts 🙂

in Phonics we have introduced g, o, c and k letters and children are starting to create words using those sounds.

Thank you for all your support at home practicing High Frequency words, reading weekly books, writing words and completing the homework.