Wednesday 13th January

Good morning Reception 🙂 Thank you so much for joining me yesterday for story time 🙂 Thank you also for sending in photos of your fantastic home learning! Mrs McGhie 🙂

Here is the link to our Google Meet story time today at 2pm:

Phonics: Click on the link for todays lesson, I wonder what our new phase 3 letter sound will be? Afterwards watch the handwriting video. Remember to have your whiteboard and pen read. After the lessons have a go at completing today’s phonics sheets in your home learning pack. Remember to email your pictures of your work to

Story: Our e-book this week is Jake’s First Day: Follow Wednesday plan in your home learning pack, and after reading have a go at writing a list of treasures you could find on your treasure map! Look at some ideas below 🙂

Practise your blending skills to read the captions below 🙂

Maths: This week we are exploring subtraction! Have a go at playing the game on the link below and afterwards have a go at completing today’s number work in your pack 🙂
Count to 100 and join in with Spiderman’s actions! 🙂

Dough Disco: Have fun using your play dough pots to practise the play dough moves in the video below! 🙂

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