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Purple Mash

This week we have sent home Purple Mash logins. Purple Mash is an online learning platform, full of interactive games. The children have had the opportunity to play some of these games on the interactive white board during choosing time. Below is a quick guide on how to login.

Visit from Santa

We had a visit from Santa. He told us about his favourite food and when he goes to bed. We also meet Mother Christmas. Santa showed as a book full of pictures and letters from children all over the world.

Music with Matthew

Fantastic Matthew !

Matthew has been working hard writing sentences and practising how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the keyboard. You sound great Matthew !

Writing with Cassie

Well done Cassie !

Cassie has been working hard, writing in pre-cursive. The “f” is very tricky and you have done brilliantly. Cassie has also been practising writing her numbers, focusing on our number of the week , number 19.

Numbots with Aiden

Congratulations Aiden on being number one on the Numbot leaderboard !

Aiden has been busy playing Numbots, collecting money to build his robot and is now number one on the leaderboard.

Aiden says: ” I have the whole dog body and I am on the first place and my brother is called Alex.I have a nerf gun and Lego and I have a robot dog, he is blonde.”

Monday 7th December

Remember to send pictures of your learning to so we can put your pictures on the blog for your friends to see how busy you have been.

Practise segmenting and blending by playing the game below. and don’t forget to keep reading books on Bug Club.

The number of the week is 19

Here are some links to counting and number recognition games.

Your challenge is to represent 19 in different ways.

Friday 4th December

Hi Reception, lets enjoy our last day of phonics and maths before the weekend… Do you have your pens and boards ready?!

Now are you ready to learn our new letter sound? Click below!

Let’s practise today’s letter sound!

Now lets practise reading and writing our High Frequency words – clink on the link below!

Have a go at reading the words and matching them to the pictures on this game:

Maths: Today we are going to practise finding 1 more and 1 less than a number. Click on the videos below to join in…