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Monday 30th November

Good morning Reception! Today we will practise our sight reading and writing, revise our set 4 phonics, learn about the number 18, and practise ordering numbers to 20….click on the videos and links below. Have your whiteboards and pens ready!

Remember to email photos of your learning to so we can share them here on the blog!

Click on the video below to join today’s High Frequency word lesson…

Click on the video below to join today’s phonics lesson…

Letter Formation: Have a go at forming all of the letter sounds we practised last week…

High Frequency words: See if you can read and write these sight words!

Maths! Number 18 is our number of the week! Look at the Powerpoint video… Why don’t you practise counting to 18 at home…use your toys! And practise writing the number 18!

Come and find the numbers on the 100 square!

Order the numbers from 0-20 on the coconuts!

Today is St Andrew’s Day, he is the patron saint of Scotland…why don’t you have a go at making a Scottish flag (below)

And click on the video below to learn about how we can celebrate St Andrew’s day:

Advent: Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent, it is now 4 weeks until Christmas, when we celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. Do you remember the Advent candles, and wreath we made last week? Clink on the video below to see the first candle of Advent lighting, and have a go at singing along with the song…

Goldilocks and the three bears.

Listen to Miss Barlow read Goldilocks and the three bears. Draw your favourite part of the story or design a chair for the bears and send a picture of it to for it to be shared here, on our blog.

Friday 27th November… s,a,t,p phonics revision

We will be uploading phonics videos every day… so whiteboards at the ready! Join in with making the sounds and the reading. Make sure you have your whiteboards ready to practise your writing.

Reading: Also have a go at reading and completing the phonics games at the end of your Bug club books:

Maths: Have a go at recognising numbers 0-20 (and beyond!) on the Helicopter rescue game…have a go at writing the numbers on your whiteboards too:

If you have any questions’s or if you need help, email us at: and we will be in contact with you today.

s , a, t, p

Welcome back to school ! This week we have started phase 2 phonics, where we learn the sounds of each letter. Everyone has been working hard in lessons, practising how to write the letter in pre-cursive and making the sound of the letter. Please practise writing at home by watching the video below and using the alphabet mat we sent home at the beginning of September. This we we have been learning the sounds s, a, t and p.