4 comments on “Question of the Day – Day 17

  • I would have a best friends day, we could celebrate by having a party. There would be unicorns, LOL dolls, frozen dolls and princesses. I would celebrate this day so I can play all day with my friends.

  • Armando says:

    I would celebrate Legos and cartoons day. I would invite all my friends on that day to play Lego snaps and watch cartoons on my bed with my tablet all day along. I love the fixies!

  • Alexandra says:

    I will celebrate the Day of “Back to School day”. Because I miss my friends. We will play together, we will do something what we all like together. We will invite to our classroom someone special, like Magician or Clown.

  • emmanuel connelly says:

    Emmanuel says:

    I would have a world pet day where we could take our pets to school, tell everyone about them and our favourite things about them.


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