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Our week

This week we have been preparing for Christmas by decorating stockings with things we would like to receive as presents. We have also been exploring making smoothies and soups in the water tray. We continue to practise our Nativity play and look forward to share it with you all.

Our Week

This week we have been bus rehearsing out Nativity. We have been reading Stone Soup and wrote our own lists to make soup. We also looked at what we need when preparing to welcome a baby. In Maths we looked at capacity .

Interfaith Week

To celebrate Interfaith Week, Reception looked at Sikhism and learned about Guru Nanak. The children pretended to be Guru Nanak and told their friends how they should live. They also drew a portrait of him.

Our Week

This week in Reception we have been drawing fireworks and using the wax resist painting technique. To celebrate Remembrance Day we have been painting poppies. We have also started to learn songs for our nativity performance.