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Career Day

Today we were lucky to be visited by Leonia, a nurse. She taught the children what to do in an emergency and allowed us to explore how to use a stethoscope, blood pressure machine and a pulse oximeter. The children had fun practising how to bandage different parts of their bodies. Below are some pictures of us exploring different equipment. Everyone had lots of fun.

Our Week

This week we have been busy creating our aquarium. The children have enjoyed role playing in the ticket office and naming the different fish. Outside, we have been role playing in the hot chocolate cafe and even got to try some. The children practised their waiting skills as well as counting out money to pay for their drinks. We have also been learning about arctic animals, setting them free from the ice.

Our Week

This week we have been reading all about the Meanies. The children enjoyed reading about the Meanies and found out where they live. In Maths we have been exploring 3D shapes, the children noticed the top of the Canary Wharf building  is a pyramid. We have also been painting pictures of people in our lives who are  like God because they care for us. Have a look a look at some of the paintings.

Welcome back !

Welcome back Reception !

This week the children have settled back into school life well. We have been busy learning the sounds – x, w,v, j. In Maths we have been revisiting 2D shapes and making our own pictures have a look at some of our pictures. Everyone also had a go at writing what presents the received for Christmas. Ruth class were also visited by Sister Chris to share how we can be closer to God.