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Reception Samuel Class Mass

Today Father Keith came to Reception to celebrate mass with Samuel class. The children were fantastic, helping with readings, prayers and the offertory and they learnt new hymns to sing with Father…what a lovely afternoon!


Arctic week!

This week we have been busy learning how to make paper snowflakes and experimenting with freezing and melting! We ‘trapped’ arctic animals in different containers of water and froze them and then we observed the ice melting back to water, and freeing the animals!

We also learnt about Arctic animals and used our writing skills to write sentences to describe our favourite arctic animals. The writing is so fantastic that we are displaying it in our school hall and classroom!

Next week we will continue to explore winter, arctic animals and ocean animals

Have a lovely weekend!

Ocean week…

This week we read the rhyming story ‘Shark in the park’ and the children enjoyed finding sight words in the story. We watched videos, read stories about sharks and ocean animals, the children also made their own ocean creature masks and they had a go at labelling a shark’s body and writing a sentence to describe their shark. The children are getting really good at using describing words and speaking in more detailed sentences!

We have also been exploring addition this week in our maths activities and the children practised ‘practically’ adding two groups of objects together and they worked together to write number sentences.

By the end of the week they were able to solve a ‘Shark in the park’ addition challenge!

Next week we will explore arctic animals and continue to practise our addition skills…have a lovely weekend!

Spring Term!

Welcome back to school and Happy new year! This term we will be exploring the winter season and we will be learning about different animals and their habitats. Next week we will start by exploring ocean animals…the children are welcome to bring in ocean stories/information books into school to share.

The children enjoyed talking, writing and painting pictures about their Christmas holidays this week, they have also been busy playing number games on our whiteboards…you can access them from home on the links below:

We hope you enjoy exploring the maths games at home…the children really enjoyed practising their ordering, sequencing and counting skills!