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Wishy-Washy Day

This week in Reception we have enjoyed another busy week!

In English, we enjoyed reading ‘Wishy-Washy Day’. We learned some new sight words; ‘a’, ‘the’, ‘said’ and ‘in’ and tried to spot these while reading the story.

The animals did not want to be washed on washing day! The children enjoyed the ending of the story when Mrs Wishy-Washy slipped on a bar of soap and fell in the animals bath tub! We then decided to write a letter to Mrs Wishy-Washy to cheer her up as she was understandably ‘grumpy’. The children had some creative ideas and wrote their own letters to her.

In phonics, we have practised segmenting and blending the sounds in simple words. We worked hard to hear all the sounds and then say them in robot talk. Ask your child to show you their roboting skills!

In Maths, we have been learning about patterns. We have practised making our own patterns with various materials and even painted some patterns on clothing templates to make our own ‘washing line’.

We practised counting and number recognition too!



Welcome to Reception!

Dear Parents,

The children have settled well into their new classes and environment. We have had a busy week with lots of learning and fun!

In Literacy, we enjoyed making ‘silly soup’ which involves mixing silly ingredients / objects in a bowl and identifying the initial sound in the words. We learned; ‘s’, ‘b’, ‘v’, ‘j’ and the ‘a’ sound. Ask your child if they can think of a word that starts with any of the named sounds.

In Maths, we have been naming, recognising and identifying 2d shapes. Namely a circle, square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon and a pentagon. We learned a song for each shape and played shape detectives searching for shapes in both the indoor and outdoor environment.

The children also enjoyed taking part in P.E with Mr Cuming. They practised different ways of moving around the outdoor space like a lion, penguin, snake and a frog! They displayed some very creative ideas and demonstrated good coordination. They also learned about shadows and tried hard to create their own.

In Expressive Art and Design, the children have painted self portraits using mirrors to look closely at their features. They then chose paint colours for their skin, eyes and hair colour. This work and display has been a great talking point for celebrating how we are all different and we are all special.

We have also enjoyed listening to stories about different feelings, looking after our property and toys and the importance of keeping our classroom tidy!

We wish you a wonderful, restful weekend and look forward to receiving lots of stars (see newsletter) and to hear about the children’s learning at home!