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The National Maritime Museum

We have had a lovely week in Reception celebrating all the children’s hard work and achievements. On Monday, we visited The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. We travelled on the Dockland Light Railway to Greenwich and walked past the Cutty Sark to get to the museum. We learned about lots of wonderful things to do with the sea. We dressed up as pirates aboard the ‘Ahoy!’ ship and found lots of pirate treasure! We enjoyed taking part in lots of interactive activities in the Childrens Gallery, and even practised sounding out our names in light morse code! We looked for the runaway Gingerbread man and wondered if he had run away on a similar boat as seen on one of his postcards. After lots of walking and learning we enjoyed a picnic in Greenwich park where we played ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’, and enjoyed the glorious summer weather. After our lunch we returned to the museum to explore an enormous map that covered the entire floor. We worked with a partner to label the different continents and oceans and played find the country on the map! We had a fantastic day out!  

On Tuesday and Wednesday we had a ‘stay and play’ session for the parents to come and look at their children’s ‘All About Me’ books. We celebrated their hard work.