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The Farm

This week in Reception we have been reading ‘Rumi and Rosy visit the farm’. We have learned about the features of non-fiction books and we have enjoyed learning lots of facts and finding out information. We wrote a list of the farm animals we expected to see at the farm, making sure to say the word, robot the word and then write the word.

In maths we have been practising subtraction and learned how to count back using a number line. We also had a maths workshop for parents to share what children are taught and how to support their learning. We look forward to seeing you again on Tuesday 23rd where we will have lots of maths activities provided for parents to stay and play with their children; to gain ideas and share any activities they enjoy.

We had a fantastic time at Stepney City Farm! We got to feed the goats and the donkeys and stroke the hens! We learned lots of facts about the farm and the animals. We had a fantastic time!


Please remember the half term ‘farm challenge’. Please read the letter we sent out today for more information or speak to a member of staff.

Chick Eggs!

This week we have had some very special visitors… we received 10 chick eggs! We observed the eggs and predicted how many eggs we thought would hatch!


Fortunately, 9 out of 10 eggs hatched successfully and we safely transferred them from their incubator to the brooder.

In Literacy / Art we drew and painted the baby chicks and labeled our drawings. Then we wrote sentences about our chicks.

In Maths we have been learning about pictograms.  Ask your child to show you:

We have continued practising using tally marks to record our results. We came up with lots of different names for our baby chicks and then had a vote using tally marks to decide on their names!

We were able to stroke the chicks and observed them moving around the tuff tray.


We are looking forward to holding them next week when their legs are stronger.