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Pizza Express Trip Part 2!

Dear friends and family,

We hope you had a wonderful Easter.

Reception have had a great first week back at school. We have enjoyed sharing our Easter holiday news with our friends and have written sentences about our holiday.

In Maths we have been learning about tally marks. The children have created their own surveys such as ‘favourite colour’ and ‘favourite superhero’, to ask each other and their teachers! They counted the results and then recorded their findings using tallying.

We attended Mass with Father Keith on Monday and we learned about the importance of St George and the reason we wear red to celebrate him. We also enjoyed singing St George’s song.

Samuel class went on a trip to Pizza Express in Canary Wharf. They had lots of fun making their very own Margarita pizzas!



Easter Celebrations

This week in Reception we have been learning about the meaning of Easter. In Literacy we have read The Easter Story and sequenced the pictures in the correct order.

In R.E. each year group created a 3D model representing the 14 Stations of the Cross.

Reception created Station 2: Jesus is given his cross.

We learned about the different stations and walked the stations of the cross that were displayed in the hall. We made the sign of the cross and reflected on each station before finishing with a prayer.


Congratulations to the children who have achieved 100% attendance this Spring term!

We hope you have a wonderful Easter, love the Reception Team.

Have a look at some of our wonderful Easter bonnet creations…