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Gruffalo part 2…

This week in Reception we have been remembering our trip to the Gruffalo park. We have enjoyed painting the different animals from the story in Expressive Art and Design.

In Literacy we have been authors! We have created our own Gruffalo books, ordering the animals in the story and writing sentences about the pictures. We worked really hard using our phonics to hear all the sounds in the words and use all the writing strategies we know to form our sentences.

Literacy and Science week

This week has been Literacy and Science week. We have been learning about poetry in our Literacy carpet sessions and we have enjoyed reading lots of different poems. We looked for the similarities and differences and spotted rhyming word patterns. We read a poem called ‘Making Jelly’ and thought about adjectives to describe how jelly looks, tastes and feels! Then we made up some actions!

In Science, we made jelly and watched as it dissolved! We learned that is doesn’t ‘melt’ as described in the poem. We looked at other solids and predicted whether they would dissolve in water.

We wrote instructions using our phonics skills for Ms Earl and Ms Peck to read and make strawberry jelly. They did very well!


In maths we have continued learning about halving and we have practised halving numbers checking our counting carefully.

We enjoyed celebrating St Patrick’s day and learning about the patron saint of Ireland. We had a special assembly and were treated to a brilliant Irish dancing performance by Year 6!



Pizza Express Trip!

This week Ruth class enjoyed a trip to our local Pizza Express restaurant in Canary Wharf. We walked there in pairs and took in the local sites. We all got to wear an apron and hat and made sure our hands were clean before we started. We got to roll our dough and make our very own Margarita pizzas!


When we returned, we made our own; ‘My Pizza Trip’ booklets and recalled the order that we  made our pizzas. In maths we have been learning about halving and we have practised halving lots of different shapes.

We have also been learning about Mini-beasts and we have enjoyed drawing and making lots of different mini-beasts using junk modelling.

World Book Day!

We have had a great week in Ruth and Samuel class. It began with learning about the meaning of Shrove Tuesday from “shriven” when Christians went to confession and were absolved from their sins. We learned why we eat pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday and enjoyed choosing a variety of fillings for our pancakes. We wrote a list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions of how to make a pancake. You can ask your child to show you!

We had a ‘shared reading’ parent workshop to support and illustrate the reading strategies we use and we look forward to seeing you all again for our soon to be announced ‘writing’ workshop.

We also celebrated World Book Day on Thursday all dressed in our book themed character costumes!