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Stay and Play

Hello Friends and Family,

This week in Reception we have been getting ready for Christmas!  During out ‘Stay and Play’ we decorated Christmas baubles, threaded stockings, and made snow flakes and Christmas trees.  Thank you to all the parents that attended.  We hope you enjoyed it!dsc00137 dsc00135 dsc00111 dsc00090    img_3934 img_3947    img_3893  img_7060  img_7051 img_3874 img_3868 img_3855 img_7028   img_7006

EYFS Nativity!

Hello Friends and Family

We have had a very busy week preparing for Nativity!  We hope you enjoyed the show, please look at the photos below to see your child dressed up!  Make sure to look at the video on the school website!

Thank you

The Reception Team

!dsc00097 dsc00096 dsc00095 dsc00094 dsc00093 dsc00092 dsc00091 dsc00090

The Meanies came to Reception!

Hello Family and Friends,

Last week in Reception the Meanies came into class and made a terrible mess!  We decided to write some class rules so the Meanies will know how to behave next time they come to visit!img_6240 img_2982 img_2983 img_2984 img_6245 img_6246

This week the Meanies returned for a party in our classroom! We were pleased to see that this time the Meanies followed our rules and we enjoyed reading the story.