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Summer Holiday.

Dear Family and Friends.

Wow, this year has gone by so quickly and the children are ready to move into Year 1.  We have has a great year with Reception and have lots of lovely memories and we will miss them all.

We hope you all have a safe and happy summer holiday and look forward to seeing you all again in September!

Thank you for all your help and support this year.

From the Reception Team.

Below are some photo’s taken on our last class trip, visiting Pennyfields park.  We hope you enjoy them!



Hello Friends and Family,

This week we have been very excited that our fruit and vegetables have been growing!  The children have enjoyed digging for potatoes, picking strawberries and blueberries.  We will be using these ingredients to make potato wedges and fruit smoothies!

The Gingerbread Man is still travelling around the world, we have received a postcard for Australia, we wonder where he will go next?!

IMG_1346 IMG_1347 IMG_1348 IMG_1349 IMG_1350 IMG_1351 IMG_1352 IMG_1353

Have a lovely Weekend

The Reception Team


Hello Family and Friends.

This week in Reception we have been receiving some post cards from the Gingerbread Man!  He has been travelling around the world and we have received cards from Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Hong Kong!

The children have enjoyed learning about floating and sinking.  They have been designing and creating their own boats and testing them to see if they float!

In maths the children have been learning to use different coins to make amounts.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Reception Team




IMG_1255 IMG_5328