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Handa’s surprise

Hello to parents and carers.

This week in reception we have been reading Handa’s surprise.  It is about a little girl called Handa who collects lots of different fruits for her friend but the animals keep taking them from the basket!  We liked the story so much that we have been painting different fruits.  We also made a fruit salad with lots of the fruits from the story.

IMG_9574 IMG_9480

In Maths we have been learning about patterns and how they repeat.  We have been creating our own patterns using lego and beads.

We hope you have a lovely weekend

The Reception Team


Fun in Reception

Hello to all our families,

The children have had a great time settling in to reception.  We have been very busy exploring areas of our classroom and the outdoor area.  We had lots of fun learning about China and Vietnam last week during international week.  This week we have been learning about 2d shapes, we have found lots of shapes in our local environment including squares, triangles, circles and rectangles.  We have also begun shared reading as a class.  We learnt about Mrs Wishy Washy trying to clean the animals that did not want to have a bath!

IMG_9570 IMG_0161 DSC00202 IMG_0179 DSC00221 IMG_9606 IMG_0202 IMG_0210 IMG_0282