Samuel class assembly

The Life cycle of a Butterfly – Samuel class Assembly

A huge congratulations to all the children in Samuel class who worked hard to learn their lines, sing not just one but four songs, and perform a fantastic assembly. Well done Samuel class! Thank you to all the parents and carers who have helped the children to learn their lines and supported on the day.

Here are some pictures of the show:

Mary’s Prayer Garden

This week we have continued to learn about doubling in maths and to write the corresponding number sentences. The children enjoyed exploring doubling using ladybird templates and black playdough for their spots.

In Literacy we assessed the children’s phonics to see how many new sounds and sight words they know. Please see inside your child’s reading record for a copy of their assessment and help them to continue practising any sounds / words they are unsure of.

This week to celebrate the Month of Mary each class paired up with another class in the school for a visit to Mary’s prayer garden. The children learned to say a short version of the Rosary Hail Mary Prayer. Both reception classes joined with the year 6 classes and said one decade of the Rosary together. We then all joined in with the Ave Maria hymn.

We wish you all a restful and happy half term!


Minibeast visit to Reception!

This week the children have been learning about Minibeasts. On Tuesday we had a visit from Zoolab where we got to look touch and learn about lots of different Minibeasts. We then wrote sentences about our favourite minibeast and the reasons why. In maths we learned about symmetry. The children had lots of fun painting and drawing symmetrical Minibeast pictures. On Friday we had a Royal Wedding party celebration and enjoyed the excellent weather in our garden. We then said goodbye to our 5 butterflies and set them free!

The life cycle of a duck

This week in Literacy we read ‘Duck Diaries’ a non-fiction book about ducks and their eggs. We learnt lots of interesting facts about the life cycle of a duck. In Expressive Art and Design we made our own life cycle wheels. We talked about the pictures, coloured, cut and stuck them in the correct order. Then we labelled our pictures and wrote sentences.

In Maths we have been learning number bonds to 10 and 20. We used big coloured blocks to find the different ways of making 10. We also used Numicon tiles to check our answers. Ask your child to tell you 2 friends of 10. Can they show you the magic trick?!

Duck Eggs!

This week in Reception we received six duck eggs. We looked at their shape, size and colour and predicted how many of the eggs would hatch! The children were very excited to see the first duckling hatch out of its egg. We had fun thinking of names for the ducklings and wrote a list. We painted pictures of the ducks and used our phonics skills to help us to label them.

In Literacy we read the big book; ‘Move Over!’, a story about a farmer who bought a new water bed. Ask your child to tell you what farm animals they can remember from the story and what the goat did?!

In Maths we have revisited subtraction. The children practised taking away using objects and recorded their number sentences. We also introduced ‘number bonds’ to 10 (or ‘friends of 10’) when recording take away sentences;

10-9=1    10-8=2    10-7=3   10-6=4   10-5=5

We looked to see if we could notice any patterns.

Next week we will continue to explore the different ways of making 10 and 20.

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend!



Exploring the farm, vets and planting!

This week the children have been busy writing thank you letters to the farm for our trip last week…

We enjoyed planting runner beans, peas and sunflower seeds and we worked together to make our new greenhouses…

We also loved playing in our new Vet’s role play areas and looking after the poorly animals…





Have a lovely weekend…we can’t wait for our duckling egg incubators to arrive on Monday…and our caterpillars arrived today!

Stepney City Farm

Welcome back to school after the Easter holiday! This week we started our life-cycles topic with a trip to Stepney City Farm! We learnt about mother and baby animals and we met baby lambs, piglets, chicks, bunnies and ducklings! We also explored the flowers, fruits and vegetables that the farm grow and we even got to taste some delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs! We talked about our favourite food and we explored the whole of the farm to find out where our food comes from…we had to decide wether it came from a plant or animal! Next week we will be writing about our trip and we will be planting our own vegetables and flower seeds and bulbs!


Spring and Easter Week

This week we focused on the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. We talked about the story and retold it by sequencing the pictures and then writing about them. We were also treated to a special performance of the Easter Story by Year 3. In our classroom we have been thinking about changes that happen in spring making observational paintings of spring flowers. Outdoors

In maths we had lots of fun making our own pizzas with lots of healthy ingredients making sure that both sides were the same or ‘equal’ to practise our halving skills. They were delicious!

We loved celebrating Easter with our Easter bonnet parade, thank you parents, carers for helping us with our hats!

In preparation for our Easter celebrations the children have been designing their own Easter Eggs, writing Easter cards and making chocolate crispy cakes.

We wish you all a very Happy Easter and a wonderful time with your families.

The Pizza Princess!

This week in shared reading we read the story; ‘The Pizza Princess’. We talked about the beginning, middle and end of the story and used our imaginations to create a different ending! We used our reading strategies to support our reading and changed our voices for the different characters.

In maths we learned about halving. We talked about sharing pizza slices fairly for the Gruffalo characters and making sure they have the same ‘equal’ amounts. We then folded circles in the middle and cut them in halves and half again. We were able to see that 2 halves make a whole and 4 quarters make a whole! We challenged ourselves and recorded our sharing as a halving number sentence.

In RE we read the story of; ‘The True King’, when Jesus and his helpers wanted to go to Jerusalem for a celebration. A big crowd welcomed him and people waved palm branches and put them on the road in front of Jesus. We then made our own Palm leaves and reenacted the story. We also read the Easter story and have been busy designing our cards!


The Gruffalo Trip!

We have had another busy week in Reception with; Science week, The Gruffalo trip, and Ruth class Mass.

In Literacy we read the story; ‘The Meanies Came to School’. The children enjoyed reading about monsters or “meanies” that come to school and disrupt the class by doing all sorts of bad things. We talked about classroom behaviour and wrote a list of classroom rules for the Meanies!

In Maths the children were introduced to measuring and size. We had lots of fun ordering shoes by size and measuring their length using unifix cubes.

We would like to thank the parents who attended Ruth class mass on Monday 12th March. The children worked hard practising and learning their lines and hymns for the mass. They even created their own actions for the songs and showed them to Father Keith. He was very proud of the way the children took part in the mass.


As an Early Years phase we have had great fun taking part in science week. The children took part in a variety of scientific activities such as; ‘colour mixing scientists’ and ‘floating and sinking explorers’! They talked about what they could see, made predictions and explored the results.

Finally we had a fantastic day at the Gruffalo park! We searched for the animals in the story, made 3D mouse houses, and made a collection string of the objects we found.

Here are some pictures: