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RE Homework Summer 2

Summer 2- Homework

AT2 Question- to be completed on the RE Blog the first and last week of term

What modern day disciples are an inspiration to you today?

RE Homework Project

Create a stained glass window depiction of a disciple, a follower of God.

This needs to be handed in by Tuesday, 25th June at the latest

The projects can be handed in to class or a picture emailed to 

Autumn 2 AT3 Question

All children from Years 3 to 6 answer an AT3 question per half term where they give their opinion using a range of sources as evidence to back up their opinion. Have a look at some of their responses:

Spring 1 RE Homework

AT 2 Question

RE Homework Project

Create a storyboard of the story of Exodus or choose a scene and depict it in your choice of art form.

This needs to be handed in by Tuesday, 16th January at the latest. The projects can be brought into class or can be emailed to the class teacher in your year group account.

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