Feeding the Homeless

For World Day of the Poor, the chaplaincy team and school council went to St Matthias to help with the homeless shelter. Every Tuesday, homeless people come in to eat. They can also sleep in the beds that are provided for them.

It was really exciting for us to help with the cooking; we made vegetarian pasta bake and spaghetti bolognaise: it was important that we made a vegetarian dish because some people in their religion don’t eat meat.  We helped to make the beds and put out warm socks and toiletries in order for the homeless people to feel as welcome and comfortable as possible.


We also asked questions like what would happen if there wasn’t enough of beds? It was very upsetting to know that those who did not have a bed were forced to sleep outside in the streets. Whilst serving the food that me made we spoke to an Ethiopian man about his situation. Even though he has nowhere to live he has a very positive attitude to life and prays that one day his situation will improve.

We were delighted to help people be safe by having a nice warm bed and food in their tummy. We are excited to feedback to all the children in the school and tell them how they can help those in need.