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OLSJ School Hymn

In the Autumn Teem our school Chaplaincy Team were part of writing an OLSJ school hymn and ensured to include our mission and values.

This week across the school, Miss Haswell our music teacher will be teacher the hymn to all of our children.

Have a listen below. Why not sing our school hymn together at home:

St Francis of Assisi Class Mass

Last Friday, Y1 St Francis of Assisi class held their first ever class mass at the chapel. Fr Andrew loved having the class and their parents in the chapel on the Feast day of the Archangels, St Michael, St Gabriel and St Raphael. Cody, Ella, Grace, Celine, Michael and Ruby all said a prayer of the faithful. Kiki and Kofi from Y6 both said readings on the day. The Chaplaincy Team helped bring the Year 1 children to Mass as well as showing the Year 1 class how to be respectful and the actions and words we use. We ended the Mass by singing ‘Shine Jesus Shine’ our favourite hymn.