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Chaplaincy Team- All Saints Mass

Today our school Chaplaincy Team planned and lead mass at church for All Saints for the whole school. It was great to have year 1 join us for their first whole school class mass. We also had Miss Bell’s Choir debut at mass who sang beautifully.

Chaplaincy Team – Prayers for Liturgy

Tomorrow, members of the Chaplaincy Team will be attending a Pentecostal Liturgy at Westminster Cathedral. Every pupil attending needed to write a prayer card for another pupil at the Mass. The prayers had to have words of encouragement based on the theme of Racial Justice, Equality and Diversity.

Chaplaincy Team Christmas Charity

Our School Chaplaincy Team have been busy selecting local charities to donate money to this Christmas. Instead of getting a present from Mr Devereux this year, the Chaplaincy Team have decided to donate the money to charity instead.

To vote for your charity, please click on the link below:

We will also send a text our to parents with the link so that you can talk about the charities at home.