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The Good Samaritan

Today in Nursery, in RE we recapped on the story of the Good Samaritan.
We learned that in Jesus’ time the people used to put oil on
their cuts and scratches and so when the Samaritan found the
injured man he put oil on his cuts and bruises. We role-played
this part of the story and talked about oil coming from olives.
Then we talked about how oil is used in church to give a special
blessing to people who are sick. We looked at some
photographs of priests anointing people with oil and role-played
the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick.

St Peter and St Paul

Today is a Holy day of Obligation and Father Keith celebrated mass for St Peter and Paul. This Feast honours the two apostles who were responsible for laying the foundation for the Church of Christ. Peter and Paul were martyred in Rome under the Emperor Nero in the year 67. 

Peter was a simple fisherman who realised the holiness of Jesus the first time he saw Christ.  There is no doubt that Simon enjoyed a special relationship as a leader of the Apostles.  Christ called him the “Rock” (Peter) and said that upon this Rock He would build His Church.  Peter moved around in his apostolic work, consecrating bishops of villages and cities wherever he went.  An important role of Peter and the Patriarchates founded by him was to speak on matters affecting the entire Church, including teachings and doctrine, both East and West, North and South.

Saint Paul, on the other hand, had a different calling and role within the Church.  His various letters to the Churches makes him the patron of the Local Church.  Paul was raised in the strictest possible tradition of Pharisaic Judaism and was a Pharisee himself.  He severely persecuted Christians until Christ met him in a powerful and intimate way.  He went from being the most unlikely person to adapt Christianity to non-Jews, to being the Apostle of the Gentiles!  For St. Paul, the Church existed at different levels.  The most basic level was the “Home Church” run by parents and grandparents.  This was where Christianity was taught and experienced.  In times of persecution, the Home Church was often the only place where Christianity could be lived and passed on.  The next level, the Local Church, is where the Gospel was proclaimed in a way the local community could understand and celebrate it according to its own culture and experience.

The Feast of St. Peter and Paul represents the relationship between the Universal Church (Peter’s work) and the Local Church (Paul’s work).

Nursery Class Mass

We were very excited to have our class Mass with Father Keith this week. He brought the Sacred Vessels; the Chalice and the Paten. We prayed with Father Keith and he taught us a song with actions.