4 comments on “AT2- Summer 1

  • Emma Gay says:

    Good news is something special that happened or, is about to happen. Events like a birthday, or a new member of the family. Sometimes something bad might happen but it is actually something good. For example you lost a competition and you are sad but it is good because every year you will come back better and stronger. Even when you make mistakes with writing you will learn from those mistakes and be better. Next, is why should we spread good news? It is simple, you know when you got taught about new things, and you give that knowledge to someone else. So basically you are sharing your knowledge to someone to make them happy. In Russian this type of stuff is called a following reaction were someone is happy and they smile at someone else and then that person smiles at someone else and so on.

  • kelsie says:

    good news is something that has happenend that makes us happy and is good , we should share good nees so others can also br happy 4 us and also speading good news makes everyone happy and gives everyone hope that more good things will happen.

  • Lisa Karina Menezes says:

    A good news is when something exciting happens or is going to happened for example u won the marathon or ur going to be a sister or a brother. We should share these good news so other people can be happy too.If we share more good news then people can know some of ur knowledge. Sharing ur knowledge is same thing as sharing ur things.If people share more and more good news to every one then the world will be filled with good news.

  • lidyayr2 says:

    good news is like when you hear a message that makes you happy.we should spread it because it might make other people happy too.


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