Head Teacher Awards-Truth and Justice

Truth and Justice
Anis is a model example of the gospel value Truth and Justice in OLSJ
and embodies it in many different ways. He has shown a keen interest in
progressing in RE this year and has worked diligently in order to improve
his knowledge of RE through his abundance of dedication. He is always
eager ensure he is on a virtuous path; therefore, is a trusted member of
his class.
Sincere, honest and genuine- three words that truly reflect Anis’ truthful
nature. He always seeks righteousness in all situations.
In John 3:18, the following is exemplified by Anis:
‘Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but in actions and
He constantly makes the right choices through his actions and words in
such a mature and commendable manner; he leads his peers in the right
direction and supports them in making honest and moral choices. As a
result, he has been a vital member of Malachi class, inspiring all to act
with the utmost respect, truly encompassing OLSJ’s ethos.
In the Quran 5:8 and 6:152, the following messages of justice are
‘Let not the hatred of people swerve your way from justice. Be just, for
this is the closest to righteousness…’
‘…When you speak, speak with justice, even if it against someone close to
One of the most important of all trusts, Anis always seeks justice for
others and himself always seeking fair and righteous behaviour, while
understanding the need for consequences.
In the words of Martin Luther King, the message precisely portrays Anis:
‘Stand up for justice, stand up for truth and God will forever be by your

Anis lives this by this, with Truth and Justice in his heart and is an
inspiration to every member of year 6 and the school community.