Choir Visit Aspen Court

Today, the Upper Key Stage Choir went to Apsen Court with Mr Scott and Miss Ren.

Millena in year 5 Jonah- It was really fun to go because we got to sing our favourite songs for some elderly people. We really and truly put a smile on their faces!! 🙂

OLSJ ‘sacred space’ Project

This Easter, we are launching an OLSJ ‘sacred space’ project. All creations will be due on Tuesday, 30th of April 2019.
Year 1/2

Design your own Catholic Church- remember to include all the signs and symbols you have learned about in school and seen in our local church.

Year 3/4

Design a ‘shared sacred space’ for Christians and Jews- consider similarities and differences when creating your design.

Year 5/6

Design a ‘shared sacred space’ for a hospital, airport, prison or shopping. Consider how this could accommodate Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and non-religious people.

I look forward to seeing your wonderful creations.

Happy Easter.

Miss Lynch

CCS Lenten Appeal

Today, Kimberly from the Catholic Children’s Society (CCS) came to visit us a asked for us to donate to their charity. We found out that the CCS do amazing life-changing work and offer invaluable support to vulnerable children and families.

What talents will you be using to fundraise money for this appeal?

Lenten Promises in year 2

As it is the season of Lent, we wrote a Lenten promise to show how we will be contributing towards the 3 practices of Lent. These can be found on our RE display. We wrote about what our commitment to Lent was and explored how these traditions have come about.

Reception Lenten Tree

Reception has created a Lenten tree by writing their Lent promises
on leaves. Many children would like to do better in school, make a
bigger effort to help with household chores and to look after each