Month of Mary In year 1

To celebrate the month of Mary we went into our prayer
garden to say one decade of the rosary in front of our
statue of Mary. Some children also brought in their own
rosary beads. We also had some reflecting time and some of
us shared prayers thanking God for the many blessings in
our lives. It was a lovely and peaceful time together.

The Holy Trinity

Today’s lesson in Jonah class was a discussion-based lesson. We spoke about what the Holy Trinity was (Father, Jesus(Son) and the Holy Spirit) and how a shamrock could help us to explain our belief in the Holy Trinity. A
shamrock is one leaf, but has three separate petals. Much like this, we believe in one God, but also
believe that there are three different personas – Father, Jesus(Son) and the Holy Spirit.

Letters to the Refugees in Calais

To begin our lesson today, in Esther and Judith classes Year 2, we said the Westminster Prayer as a class and
thought about all the refugees around the world. As a class, we thought it would
be a nice idea to design cards for the refugees in Calais and let them know we were thinking
about them in our prayers. We know refugees are a lot less fortunate than us
and we need to be grateful for the community in which we live in.