St Andrew’s Day

What an exciting day in OLSJ celebrating St Andrews Day. We all dressed up in blue to celebrate the day. We completed a range of activities such as stained glass windows, looking at the life of Saint Andrew, writing Scottish poems and traditions across the world. Thank you to Miss JP for an insightful Key Stage 2 assembly on St Andrew also.

Chaplaincy Team at St Matthias Homeless Shelter

Tonight , the chaplaincy team went to St Matthias to help  with the homeless shelter. Every Tuesday , homeless people come in to eat. They can also sleep in the beds that are provided for them. It was really exciting for us to help with the cooking; we made pasta bake ; vegetarian past and our chef Oscar made a delicious lasagna. It was important that we made a vegetarian dish because some people in their religion don’t eat meat. We also asked questions like what would happen if their want enough beds? . It was very upsetting to know that those who did not have a bed were forced to sleep outside in the streets. Whilst serving the food that me made we spoke to an Italian man about his situation. We were delighted to hear that he will be going back to Italy soon and will have a roof over his head, a nice warm bed and food in his tummy.

We can’t can’t wait for our next visit!


The Chaplaincy Team (Ruth, Chris, Joella, River)

Prayer Group

Today  we had prayer group in our new location so that it would be more central and easily accessible for all children in the school- in the front office. The Gospel reading was Psalms 138:1-8. A prayer of thanksgiving.

Our mission for this week- tonight pray before you go to sleep thanking God for your day.



We hope to see you at next weeks Prayer group. Remember all are welcome.

Interfaith Week- Judaism

This afternoon, we were lucky enough to have Mr. Silver in to speak to us all about Judaism.

Mr. Silver explained to us that Jewish people also believe in one God (monotheism). Much like we, as Catholics, have the Bible as our holy book, Jewish people have the Torah (the first five books of the Hebrew Bible). He explained to us how Jews worship in Synagogues, and that the most important day of the week is the Shabbat (the Sabbath).

Hanukkah (The Festival of Lights)

The festival reminds Jews of a time over 2500 years ago when Antiochus, a Syrian king, tried to make the Jewish people worship Greek gods. A statue of Antiochus was erected in the Jewish temple and the Jews were ordered to bow down before him. The Ten Commandments forbid Jews to worship statues or idols and so they refused.

A small group of Jews called Maccabees rebelled, and after a three-year war they recaptured Jerusalem. But the temple was all but destroyed.

The Jews had to clean and repair the Temple, and when they were finished they rededicated it to God. They did this by lighting the lamp (Menorah) – which was a symbol of God’s presence. Only one small jar of oil was found, enough to light the 8 candles on the Menorah for one day, but miraculously the lamp stayed alight for eight days.



Malachi Quality Time with Sister Chris

Today, we were extremely privileged to have quality time with Sister Chris. She spoke to us about political problems in Africa and the wider world, which results in trafficking and vulnerable people trying to flee their countries for a safer life and a more promising future. Over 3,000 people have died while crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

While distributing vital resources and talking to refugees in Calais, Sister Chris met a boy called Adam from Eritrea. He spoke about his life-threatening journey and the sacrifices his family had made to get to Calais from a little farm back home. If his family didn’t make this sacrifice, he would have had to join his country’s army and train underground in under horrific and savage leadership. If he stayed at home and his family didn’t allow him to join they would have been killed. He is now living in a three-bedroomed house in Calais with 30 other children hoping to finally make it to the UK one day.

Locally, Sister Chris told us about the homeless Shelter run in the St Matthias centre every Tuesday night. She told us of the harsh reality of how people can end up living on the streets and the dangers they are exposed to. She asked us all to donate to the Bow Food Bank by Sunday the 19th of November to help those in our local community. If you help, you will realise how at times you might take things for granted and thank God


Feed the Hungry

At OLSJ, we are appealing to every child in the school to bring in a tin, before the 17th of November to donate to Bow Food Bank. Every year, everyone is extremely generous- Let’s see how much we can collect this year! 🙂