Harvest CAFOD assembly

Martin from CAFOD came to OLSJ last Thursday to celebrate a Harvest with us. He spoke about the importance of the Corporal Act of Mercy, Feed the Hungry. During Harvest time, Mother Earth produces fresh crops that we are extremely lucky to have. Unfortunately, others in different countries are less fortunate as lack of running water or too much sun hinders crops from growing. Martin spoke about the importance of CAFOD fundraising in order to help people in these situations and shoed us a video of Ruben in Bolivia, whom they have helped. In addition to this,  he also thanked OLSJ for their fundraising and contribution to the Lenten Appeal, Make a Splash earlier on this year.











Eid Celebrations

During Eid ul Adha, Emdad came to OLSJ to talk to the children about who and how Eid is celebrated. In addition to this, Emdad discussed the similarities and differences between Eid and Christmas which the children thoroughly enjoyed contributing toscreen-shot-2016-10-07-at-15-02-37 screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-15-03-12

Harvest Donations

Over the past two weeks the children of OLSJ have been working really hard to collect non-perishable items. The items will be donated to a number of charities such as the HOPE foundation, St. Matthias Centre as well as being sent to Calais in order to help the refugees. Thank you so much everyone for your generous donations. They are greatly appreciate by those who are less fortunate than us. We commend you Sr. Chris for your ongoing support and generosity both locally and internationally and being an inspiration to everyone at OLSJ.


Year 3 homework due in: 12/10/16



Read every day for at least 10 minutes. Please remember your child must have their book signed. Every fortnight children are expected to do a book review of a book they have been reading or have read, children can pick these up from the classroom and stick them into their homework books


Please practice: jusg (do a line of each letter then do 4 words with the letters in)


1. What hobbies or interests do you have? 2. It could be football, dancing, reading, video games, cycling, drawing, playing music etc. 3. Pick your favourite hobby. 4. You are going to make a poster telling other people about this hobby. 5. Write the name of your hobby at the top.6 . You should include information boxes on your poster saying: • When you do it • Why you like it • How long you’ve been doing it • What equipment or things you need to do it 7. Around the boxes, draw pictures of you doing your hobby. 8. Decorate the poster.

Maths (please complete the Busy Ant sheet attached- the section below is extension. It is optional, but extra credit will be given):
(Also please practice your child’s times table)
1. Take a medicine spoon. It should say 5ml on it! 2. Find your favourite mug or cup.

3. Estimate how many medicine spoons it will take to fill your cup.
4. Ask other people in or around your home to estimate – collect and record at least five guesses.

5. Now measure by counting how many 5ml spoonfuls it takes to fill the cup – you can use lentils or dried peas instead of water if you like!

This week’s spelling pattern is: sh: ch

A: was, that, then had, with like, but,
B/ C: chef chale machine brochure chaise cached parachute moustache different because however

Spellings should be practiced daily, please write them the homework book. Please also write them within sentences.