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Today Year 3 are making posters to remind children to bring in any unwanted or old toys to donate to Sister Christine’s warm hubs!

“Why are we donating our old toys?”

“For charity and all the kids that need toys, Jesus wants us to look after each other.” Christopher, Isaiah Class.

Year 1 DAOW

In today’s daily act of worship Year 1 listened to the story of David and Goliath. We discussed how David defeated the giant not only because he had good aim but because he had prayed to God and God was on his side.

Year 1 then talked about their own strengths and wrote them on a rock, ready to be placed on the prayer area. We discussed how with the power of prayer and the help of God we can use our strength for good.

“It’s important to pray to God and ask for help because he loves us and we love him and if we need help he will be there for us like he was for David. If a giant comes then we will all pray to God and he will give us strength.” Casey, Tobit class.

Year 3 DAOW

“I love it when we do daily act of worship because of how it makes me feel. I like thinking of who I can pray for and learning about Jesus. The beatitudes are important because Jesus is teaching us and we need to follow him.” Angelina, Isaiah Class.