Sports Person of the Year 2019

2019 see’s the fourth winner of the OLSJ Sports Person of the Year Award. Each year a child has been chosen based on their efforts and achievements in PE as well as when competing in competitions and fixtures against other schools.
This year, it is such a privilege to announce Anaya as our winner. She has been hugely influential during each PE lesson this year as well as a standout player during a basketball match against another school within the borough.
Anaya applies herself completely in every single sport but it is clear that basketball is a huge passion of hers and her talent reflects this. I am sure that in future we will see Anaya competing in the Women’s NBA or representing the Harlem Globetrotters.
Well done Anaya, you fully deserve this award and I hope you continue to achieve great things in your new school! Good luck!

9 comments on “Sports Person of the Year 2019

  • Anita Cole-Wilson says:

    Congratulations darling Anaya!! We’re so proud of you! Wishing you every success as you make the transition to secondary school and indeed possibly going on to compete in the Women’s NBA or representing the Harlem Globetrotters. Thank you OLSJ for giving Anaya the opportunity to find her sporting talent. She will miss OLSJ

    Mum, Dad & big sis Anya xx

  • Paul owen says:

    So proud amaya.
    You are a real star and encouragement to all .
    God bless you and keep up the skills
    Paul x

  • O.H. Cole-Wilson says:

    Wow Anaya congratulations. You’re a star.
    Feeling very proud of my talented niece and wishing you every success as you begin Secondary School. X

  • A Darby says:

    Congratulations Anaya, you’ve done fantastically and can achieve anything you wish! Lots of love from your big cousin X

    • Yatty Cole-wilson says:

      Thank you everyone for your kind and encouraging words. Just repeating what your mother and sister have said. Well done Anaya for your hard work and dedication to sport,in particular your love of basketball. Keep it up, and keep up both the hard work and the enjoyment you get out of being dedicated to what you like doing. Love from

  • Yatty Cole-wilson says:

    Congratulations Anaya. Just repeating the heartfelt pride and joy of your mother and sister at your stunning, but not completely unexpected acheivement, given your love of sport and dedication to basketball. Keep up the good work and keep enjoying your endeavours.Love, and God bless. Daddy xxx.

  • Yatty cole-wilson says:

    Well done my beautiful, talented daughter. So proud of you and as your mummy and sister have said, hearty congratulations. So good to see your love of sport and dedication to basketball has paid off . Keep it up,and keep enjoying your sport. And God bless you in all your sporting endeavours. With love from Daddy xxx

  • taylor rae xoxo says:

    congratulations anaya. well done. i miss you now we are in secondary. you always loved sports and were always good at it.
    from your friend taylor-rae



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