Well done to England’s cricket team for winning the world cup final at Lord’s on Sunday 14th July in the most thrilling final in the sports history.
New Zealand batted first and after their 50 overs had scored a total of 241 runs.
England batted next needing 242 to win the game.
With only one ball to goal, England needed 2 runs to win, but only scored 1.
The game was over and the scores tied.
So what happens next?
The match is decided by a ‘Super Over’. Each team get to bat for one more over with the highest score winning the match.
England batted first scoring 15 runs from 6 balls, a very difficult score to beat.
After 5 balls, New Zealand had scored 14 runs. 1 ball remaining, 2 runs needed to win. New Zealand, in the same position as England at the end of their 50 overs, did exactly the same, scoring 1 run which meant the game was tied again!
The result was finally decided by the team that had hit the most boundaries during the entire game, which gave England the win!

Well done England! It is the first time England have won the cricket world cup, but I am sure it wont be the last time 🙂

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