World Cup fever hits OLSJ

Everyone here at OLSJ is hugely excited about the football World Cup this year, hosted by Russia and begins on Thursday the 14th of June.

The whole school is taking part in a sweepstake, with the 32 competing nations divided equally amongst the 16 classes. Each class were given the opportunity to select their countries at random, and the class with the winning nation will receive a prize before the end of the summer term.

Genisis – Morocco and Mexico
Joshua – Belgium and England

Ruth – Poland and Sweden
Samuel – Panama and Russia

Year 1:
Ezra – Tunisia and Saudi Arabia
Tobit – Peru and Costa Rica

Year 2:
Esther – Argentina and Iceland
Judith – Portugal and Senegal

Year 3:
Job – Japan and Iran
Isaiah – Denmark and France

Year 4:
Daniel – Australia and Nigeria
Jeremiah – Brazil and Colombia

Year 5:
Jonah – South Korea and Egypt
Amos – Spain and Uruguay

Year 6:
Malachi – Germany and Croatia
Zechariah – Serbia and Switzerland


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