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Well done to Jude and Chloe for being our sports award winners this week.
Jude was absolutely phenomenal in his PE lesson this week with some excellent football skills earning him the PE Star of the weeks award. Well done Jude!
Chloe was this weeks Daily Mile runner of the week. Chloe ran really well which inspired other children to run alongside her. Amazing work Chloe, keep it up.

Award winners!

Well done to Jude and Chloe for being our sports award winners this week.
Jude was absolutely phenomenal in his PE lesson this week with some excellent football skills earning him the PE Star of the weeks award. Well done Jude!
Chloe was this weeks Daily Mile runner of the week. Chloe ran really well which inspired other children to run alongside her. Amazing work Chloe, keep it up.

2021/22 Sports Person of the Year

OLSJ Sport’s Person of the Year

From his very first day at OLSJ, Gerard has shown his sporting excellence consistently and has been a shining star in PE over the last few years. Gerard combines a mixture of natural talent, enthusiasm, an eagerness to learn and improve as well as the dedication and motivation to apply his skills at every opportunity.

Gerard’s enthusiasm and passion for sport is truly inspiring. Whatever the sport, he will give his absolute best efforts, regardless if it is his first time trying a new sport. Gerard will always be seen with a smile on his face when taking part in sports, and also creating a positive atmosphere amongst his friends ensuring that they are all happy and enjoying the game too.
He is a fantastic teammate to have and a formidable opponent who is always difficult to beat.

Physically, Gerard is quick, strong, well composed, aware of his surroundings and has this sensational desire to never give up, no matter how difficult the challenge or how tired he may be. Because of these traits, this year has seen many successes for Gerard. He was our highest ranked runner in the Tower Hamlets cross country event, finishing 2nd and winning a silver medal. Gerard was also selected to represent OLSJ in a borough football tournament. Most recently, Gerard was a crucial part of the year 4 team that were crowned as champions in a sports festival. Everyone in year 4 played their part in the success, Gerard however, was a stand out performer on the day, not only impressing his team mates and OLSJ staff, but also the other schools and the event organisers.

Despite having incredible talent, that is often not enough to succeed. Talent alone can get you so far, but it is hard work and determination that will get you over the line and achieve greatness. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. This saying perfectly sums up Gerard’s attitude to competition. No matter how talented his opponent is, Gerard will always work harder and apply his skills as best as possible, often resulting in success. 

Here at OLSJ, we are starting to see Gerard flourish as an athlete and sports person. His talent and hard work is being rewarded with success and I can only see more success in his future if he continues to work hard and enjoy sports just as much as he does currently.

Gerard’s name will now be remembered as the Sports Person of the Year for 2022 and also the first student ever to win this award who was not in year 6 and who knows, this time next year we could be looking at the first person to win the award 2 years in a row.

Well done for all you have achieved so far Gerard and remember that your future is yet to be written, so dream big, and achieve bigger. You have all the tools you need to be a success, just continue to work hard and apply your skills as best you can.

Father’s day football

What a brilliant game of football we saw at OLSJ last night to celebrate father’s day.

All OLSJ dad’s, uncle’s, cousin’s and big brothers were invited to take part in our yearly father’s day football event. An excellent standard of football was on display in a game that ended 3-1.

A huge well done to all those who played and big big thank you to everyone who came to show their support and cheer on the two teams.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year 🙂

Year 4 sports festival

Year 4 students were invited to an all day sports festival at Poplar Baths organised by SportsInspired.
The purpose of the day was to get children engaged in sports that are not always commonly taught in primary schools.

Other schools were also invited and all games were competitive with medals and trophies on offer for the winners.

OLSJ’s year 4 classes, Daniel & Jeremiah were fantastic throughout the day, always giving 100% effort and working together in their teams.

At the end of the day when the winners were announced, OLSJ were triumphant and brought the trophy back to school!!

Well done to everyone in year 4 for taking part and representing our school, you all did a fantastic job.


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Jack Baldwin visits OLSJ

Today, year 6 were lucky enough to have a visit from Jack Baldwin, club captain for the Scottish Premier League football team, Ross County.
Jack spoke to the children about life as a professional football but also as a financial advisor which he does outside of his playing career and the importance of school in developing his learning to pursue his chosen careers.
Jack told us that before he signed to play professional football with Hartlepool United, he was all set to attend university to practice Physiotherapy. Although the plans changed and Jack was able to fulfil his dreams of playing professional football, he has never abandoned his morals of having a ‘plan b’ which is where his job as a financial advisor comes in.

Jack took lots of questions and spoke about some of his highlights from his career so far, having played in a Wembley cup final, playing against teams such as Celtic, Rangers, Newcastle United and Aston Villa, scoring goals, goal line clearances, being a captain and some of the great players he has played with and against.

With so many promising and enthusiastic footballers in year 6 who are aspiring to achieve success in the game, it was great to hear some words of advice from someone who has worked so hard to get where he is today. Jack spoke about how it is important to continue working hard even after a set back. Jack told the children that he had never played academy football which is a very unusual route into professional football, but he kept working until he was offered the chance to play non-league football for Faversham Town. 1 Year later, he was signing professionally for Hartlepool United. Since then He has played for Peterborough United, Sunderland, Salford City, Bristol Rovers before moving to Ross County where he is now.

All of us at OLSJ wish Jack all the very best with his football career and his work as a financial advisor. Jack, you are welcome back anytime 🙂

Walk to school week

Today marks the start of ‘walk to school week’ and we at OLSJ would love to see as ,many of you walking to school each day.
Every one who walks to school this week will earn 1 house each day as well as a 2 house point bonus on Friday if you have walked to school everyday this week!

Enjoy the walks to school 🙂 it is a fantastic way to start your day

Ready, set, GO!!!