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Kipper’s Diary

The children were so happy to come back to Nursery after the half term holiday and share their exciting news! They drew pictures of the places they went and the people they saw.

In Literacy, we read the big book ‘Kipper’s Diary’, a story about a little boy called Kipper who records the places he goes, and the different weather from Monday to Friday. We talked about the pictures and looked out for the High Frequency words in the text. We shared what we like to do on hot sunny says and when it is raining! We also practised naming the days of the week and ordering them.

In Maths, we practised our counting skills and number recognition. We had fun making number lines using Numicon tiles and matching a quantity to a numeral.

In Phonics, we recapped all of the sounds we have learnt so far and learnt the new letter sound ‘g’. We named objects that start with the ‘g’ letter sound such as; ‘glasses’, ‘glue’, ‘green’, ‘gold’ ‘gorilla’ and ‘grapes’. We practised bouncing this initial sound and played ‘silly soup’ with the objects. We have also been playing a blending game with Metal Mike. A robot who can only talk in sound talk! The children are getting very good at listening to the sounds in simple words and blending them together.

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