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Naming the Baby Chicks!

This week we have had lots of fun with the baby chicks; now that they are bigger and stronger, we were able to get them out of their cage and allow them to explore freely in a tuff tray with some sawdust. We talked about their similarities and differences, and described how they felt. We named our baby chicks; Spider-Man, Ella, Ryder, Mary and Elsa! It has been lots of fun looking after our baby chicks and learning about their life cycle.

In Literacy we read the big book; ‘The go-kart’. We learnt two new High Frequency words, ‘said’ and ‘go’ and looked for these words on the pages. We talked about the characters in the story, and made predictions about what we thought might happen. We also talked about how we thought the characters were feeling and thought about different emotions. We practised orally blending simple words in the story, and the children are getting very good at this!

In Maths, our number of the week is number eight. We have been practising counting to eight, forming the numeral, and counting eight objects from a larger group. In measurement and size, this week we have been learning about ‘height’. We measured the height of different objects using a variety of resources and even measured ourselves and compared our heights! We used the language of; short, shorter, shortest, tall, taller and tallest.

In Phonics, we learnt the ‘d’ letter sound. We thought of words that start with the ‘d’ sound and made ‘Silly Soup’ with the objects. We thought of; dog, desk, door, doughnut, dinosaur. Can you think of any others?

A huge well done to St Mary class. for performing so well in our class assembly. You have all worked so hard to learn your lines, the Hail Mary, and our caterpillar song! You were all amazing and we are so proud of you all!

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