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My Mum is Fantastic!

This week in literacy we read the story; ‘My Mum is Fantastic’. We talked about the pictures and shared all the special things our mums do for us! We also practised hearing the first sound in the words in the story, and we recapped the sight words; ‘no’ and ‘into’. In our creative area, we made Mother’s Day cards using coloured tissue paper to design our petals! We used our name cards to help us write our names and form each letter correctly.

In phonics we recapped the sounds; ‘s’, ‘a’ and ‘t’, we worked really hard to think of objects that start with these sounds. Can you think of any words that start with these sounds?

For Science week, we carried out a weather experiment; ‘Rain Cloud in a Jar’, where we explored clouds and rain! We used shaving cream to represent the clouds, water to represent the air, and blue food dye to represent the rain. We predicted what would happen to the clouds when we added coloured water to the jars! The children came up with lots of interesting ideas and had so much fun!

To celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day today, we learned Saint Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland who introduced Christianity to Ireland. We used crayons to colour in the Irish flag green, white and orange, and we painted green shamrock leaves!

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