Friday 30th April 😀

This week in Nursery we have been very excited to welcome some new members to our class… Baby chicks!🐣 🐤🐥

The children have loved watching the eggs hatch in the incubator and were so excited to sit and observe them once they were transferred to their cage. This afternoon we all sat in a circle and had a little hold of the chicks! Have a look at some photos. 😁

This week in shared reading the children have learnt a new sight word ‘and’. Over the week they have become great reading detectives and have been amazing at spotting the word ‘and’ in this weeks book ‘Six in a bed’.

In math we have been practicing one more than. Using the farm animals the children were given a number that they needed to count out and then asked if they could add one more. Maybe they could continue to practice with objects at home and show you what great mathematicians they are!

This weeks initial sound in phonics is ‘I’ we loved bouncing the sound and making lots of silly soup with objects that started with the sound ‘I’.

The children had their first music session on Thursday with Miss Selena, They enjoyed learning some new songs and exploring different instruments! 🎵🎶

Reminder: We have now stopped paper copies of the newsletter however if you are unable to access this on the blog please send in an email to requesting a paper copy.

Please click on the link below to view this weeks newsletter.

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend, take care God Bless The Nursery Team 😊

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