Nursery’s Return to school 😁

Wow! What an amazing week we have had returning to nursery! The children have all settled back into their daily routines like they were never away. It has been an absolute pleasure welcoming them all back.

The children have been really busy enjoying lots of different activities in class!

Story of the week: The children have really enjoyed listening to different versions of the story Little Red Riding Hood. Towards the end of the week they knew the story so well that together they retold it by drawing a story map on the interactive board.

Phonics: This week in phonics we had fun using the claves to keep the rhythm of lots of different nursery rhymes.

Creative: This week the children enjoyed decorating pots and planting a sunflower seed for their mummy’s. We hope all you amazing mummy’s love them and have a wonderful mothers day! ❤

Stay Safe and enjoy your weekend! From the Nursery Team 😉

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