Science day

Today it was science day! We explored what happened when you put ingredients together. We had baking powder, shaving foam, food colouring and vinegar. We predicted what was going to happen. All the children watched in awe as the experiment happened. The children liked being mini scientist.

The three Billy Goats gruff

This week the children have been reading the story of The Three Billy Goats gruff. We have been retelling the story and making our own props.

We also got to think about pancakes and what we liked on them. All the children taste pancakes with the topping of their choice.

World book day nursery and Year 6

Celebrating world book day with year 6! Nursery were very lucky to have the year 6 children come to our class and read stories to them. All the children chose a book and the year 6 children read the one they brought as well as the children’s choice. It was lovely to see the oldest and youngest of the school coming together. All reading together!!