Chalkwell Beach

On the 15th of June, Nursery went to Chalkwell Beach. We had so much fun!

We took the DLR to Limehouse station, then got on the C2C train all the way to Chalkwell. There, we enjoyed splashing in the water, collecting rocks and shells, eating our packed lunches and building sandcastles. Finally, we all got to enjoy a delicious ice-cream together before we made the journey back to school.

What a wonderful experience for the children! Thank you to all our amazing parent volunteers who supported us.


The Good Samaritan

This week in Nursery, the children have enjoyed learning all about the Good Samaritan. They have listened to the story, watched videos, created story maps and taken turns telling the story to the rest of the class. They also enjoyed acting out the story, which you can see in the video below. They had so much fun, and they know the story very well now.

Our trip to the farm!

We finally made it to the farm. The children we all fantastic walking sensibly to Poplar DLR station, waited patiently, getting on and off the train with ease. Well Done!

We got see lots of different animals such as goats, pigs, donkeys and rabbits. We even got to touch the chickens.

After our eventful trip to the farm the children are all very excited for our trip to the beach next week. Let’s all hope for some lovely sunshine.