Let Me Paint You A Picture…

This week, Nursery have been continuing to explore their ‘All About Me’ topic through self portraits. We looked in the mirror and discussed how we look before having a go at painting ourselves. Here are some pictures below for you to enjoy. We definitely have some budding artists in the group!

We’ve also been busy exploring triangles. We have practised identifying triangles during carpet sessions and we can now identify them around the setting too!

Anti-bullying week – ELMER and Children in Need!

This week in the Nursery we enjoyed the story of Elmer. It helped us to think about our similarities and differences, and how our differences are what make us special. We got very creative making our own Elmers, as you can see in the photos below!


In maths we have been learning all about circles! We know that they only have one side, and can now spot them around the Nursery! We’ve enjoyed drawing our own circles, big and small, on the whiteboards this week.

Thank you for your donations towards Children In Need on Friday. Everyone looked amazing in their spots!

Father Keith visits Nursery!

This week Nursery have been learning about baptism. We were very lucky that Father Keith came to visit us and baptised four of our dolls! We named them, and he talked us through the process.

We’ve also been busy practising our painting and cutting skills whilst making poppies to commemorate Remembrance Day. We discussed the occasion as we took part in the activities, and worked hard to ensure we painted the petals red and the centres dark.


Noah’s Ark

Nursery have settled back into their routines really well after the half term break!

Our story of the week has been Noah’s Ark. We have read several versions and watched a video clip too. We really enjoyed playing with our own Ark in the small world area and painting different scenes from the story.

We have also been very excited about fireworks night fast approaching! We have created our own pictures using chalk and paint, with a variety of utensils such as cotton buds, dish brushes, and even our fingers! This encouraged a lot of discussion of the fireworks we’ve seen, and we love imitating the different sounds they make!


The Diwali diva lamps that we made out of salt-dough before half term had dried and were ready for painting. We recalled how we had made the divas, noticed how their texture has changed, and enjoyed mixing different colours with the paints. They are dry and ready to be taken home.