We have been excitedly anticipating our carnival and the half term week, making necklaces and shakers to enjoy at carnival. Take a look and see!



The children have also been getting to know our pet African snails and drawing them. We have also been learning about the festival of light Diwali, making salt dough divas. We have had lots of fun and can’t wait to rest up for another fun filled half term on our return.



Nursery – Africa/Caribbean Week AND MORE!

Nursery have had a very busy and exciting week! We read ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and enjoyed painting the different fruits from the story. We also loved printing brightly coloured patterns on our t-shirts in preparation for the carnival next week!

On Thursday we made a special visit to the prayer garden, where we said the rosary and thought about Mary and Jesus.

Here are a few pictures of our learning from the week!


Nursery – Yellow Week!

This week we have been exploring the colour yellow through different media and activities, including play dough and water. Next week we will start exploring the colour red, and look forward to finding what happens if you mix it with yellow!

We have also begun thinking about the change in the season, and we have had lots to say about the items in our ‘Autumn’ collection. Thank you everyone for your contributions!

As an introduction to Black History Month, the children have had a great time listening and dancing to African and Caribbean music in our outdoor cafe. Next week, there will be many opportunities to think about Africa and the Caribbean more fully. A few of these include reading¬†Handa’s Surprise, painting fruits from the story, and making flags. Come back next week to find out more!