Nursery celebrates Carnival!

As a fantastic end to Black History Month we celebrated the last day of this half term with Carnival. The children loved dressing up, singing songs and parading around the school.

We hope all children and families haveĀ a great half term break from all the Nursery team!


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Caribbean Week!

This week has been lots of fun in Nursery as we have continued to celebrate Black History month through Caribbean week. A big thank you to all parents for bringing in the T-shirts so promptly as the children really enjoyed printing their shapes on them, ready for next week’s Carnival!

We have also been exploring the colour blue, playing turn taking games outside and were lucky enough to have some new balance bikes to try out!

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img_9301 img_9344 img_9350

Africa Week!

This week the children have enjoyed listening to ‘Handa’s surprise’ and they have been busy making their own fruit salad with the fruits from the story and they have been very good at retelling the story. Outside the children made African masks too and they made some fantastic animal masks from our RE story Noah’s ark…We also explored the colour red!

Next week is Blue week and Caribbean week….

Take a look at some of our photos from this week

img_1959 img_1932 img_1925 img_1919 img_1942 img_1911 img_9124 img_9123 img_8293 img_8289 img_8287 img_8285 img_8278 img_8276