Celebrating Nursery – Stay & Play

We were so delighted to have lots of our parents, grandparents and siblings to come and share our wonderful All About Me Books with the children this week. There was a fantastic atmosphere as the children proudly showed their loved ones all of their amazing achievements. Well done Nursery, you have worked so hard this year – keep it up in Reception! Thanks to all our families for all your continued support this year – we appreciate everything you do! Have a great summer break!IMG_8465 IMG_8467 IMG_8468 IMG_8469 IMG_8470 IMG_8473 IMG_8475 IMG_8477 IMG_8479 IMG_8482 IMG_8483 IMG_8484 IMG_8485 IMG_8487 IMG_8488 IMG_8490 IMG_8492 IMG_8494 IMG_8497 IMG_8498 IMG_8500 IMG_8502 IMG_8504 IMG_8505 IMG_8506 IMG_8513 IMG_8514 IMG_8515 IMG_8520 IMG_8528 IMG_8534 IMG_8545 IMG_8547 IMG_8546IMG_8548 IMG_8549 IMG_8550 IMG_8551 IMG_8552 IMG_8554 IMG_8555

All aboard!

Nursery had a ¬†wonderful trip on the Thames Clipper to Greenwich. We played in the park, drew the Cutty Sark and walked through the foot tunnel. Great fun was had by all! A big thank you to all our parent volunteers who have helped on our trips this term – we couldn’t have done it without you!IMG_8403 IMG_8408 IMG_8411 IMG_8438 IMG_8441 IMG_8439 IMG_8451 IMG_8457 IMG_8459 IMG_8465 IMG_8469 IMG_8473 IMG_8477 IMG_8481 IMG_8491 IMG_8505 IMG_8419 IMG_8424 IMG_8440