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Year 5 investigated and compared Viking weaponry. They then had a go at designing their own Viking weaponry. Have a look at some of their cool designs.

Art at Home with year 5

Year 5 looked looked at illuminated letters which were used in Medieval times. They looked at the history of them and then had a go drawing their names in the style of illuminated letters. Have a look at some of our creations below

African Masks

For Black History Month, Reception have looked at African masks and used traditional African masks as inspiration to create their own. Cotton buds were used to create the dots and paint sticks were also experimented with.

Wassily Kadinsky

This term we have been learning about the work of Wassily Kadinsky. We looked at his choice of vivid colours and the wide range of mediums he used; canvas, wood and glass. We looked at the shapes and lines used by Kadinsky and tried to imitate his style. We then used our knowledge of complementary colours to recreate Kadinsky’s paintings.

Digital Camera