Year 6 Homework 6.7.18

Year 6 Homework 6.7.18


Remember to practise your spellings and multiplications and to read your reading record every night (30 minutes). Please remember to get your reading record signed also – indicate the name of the book and pages being read eg. Charlie and the Glass Elevator, Pages 1 – 52. Use the web links on the year 6 page for Numeracy and Literacy games to practise your skills. Homework is due in on 10.7.18


Music: Learn all the lines for the songs for our production of Grease.


Maths: Battle of the Bands- Malachi vs Zechariah- Who will win? Make sure you try your best on TTRS website

Literacy/RE: Research the Tyburn Martyrs and write 3 paragraphs on their background

2 comments on “Year 6 Homework 6.7.18

    • Miss Lynch says:


      You need to research the Tyburn Martyrs online and write three paragraphs on their background.

      If you are still stuck, come and talk to me tomorrow and I will show you.


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