Year 6 Homework 30.11.17



Remember to practise your spellings and multiplications and to read your reading record every night (30 minutes). Please remember to get your reading record signed also – indicate the name of the book and pages being read eg. Charlie and the Glass Elevator, Pages 1 – 52. Use the web links on the year 6 page for Numeracy and Literacy games to practise your skills. The spelling test takes place on Monday the 4th of December and homework is due in on Tuesday the 5th of December.



Complete the following Reading Comprehension. Remember to use the strategies you have learned in class.



Miss Lynch’s Set:



Miss Finnegan’s Set:

Place value: Numbers to ten million

Missing angles



Research Christmas In Argentina and write 3 substantial  paragraphs on your findings.



Research Dr Thomas Barnardo and write five fun facts about him.


Art Project

Please create a 3D Victorian Theatre with Props and characters. The project will be due on the 5/12/17- Last chance!


You will find these links helpful for ideas:


Good Luck.


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