Homework 07/03/19

Year 5 Homework 07/03/19

Remember to practice your spellings and multiplications for this week. Homework is due in on Tuesday morning.


Read the comprehension ‘Kidnapped’ and answer the questions.

We will be marking this together as a class on Tuesday.

Make sure you read the questions and make sure that your answers make sense ☺


Complete the worksheets on calculating the area and perimeter of shapes.


Research some facts about Oscar Romero and write 3 paragraphs about him (for example: early life, what work did he do, interesting facts etc)


Research the country of your choice and write a fact file about it.

Some ideas of what to include


What language is spoken there?

What is the capital city?

Any famous landmarks?

Who runs the country? Do they have a president? Or King/Queen?

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