Year 5 Homework 29/11/18


Write a detailed description of the King Minos.

Remember, when describing a person, use punctuation for parenthesis. (),-

Also, make sure you include as many sentences types as you possibly can. See below for some examples.

  • The more the more- The more King Minos thought about it, the more aggravated he got.
  • 2 adverb sentence- King Minos slowly and cautiously created a deal with the King of Athens
  • 2 A sentences- He was a tall, awkward man with an old, crumpled jacket.



Complete the worksheet on Multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1000.

 Remember to think about place value. It may help you to draw your own chart.



Complete the worksheet on Forces.


On an A4 piece of paper, draw out the Nativity scene. After you have drawn the characters, label what each character symbolises. For example- The Lambs symbolise Christ’s Innocent and coming sacrifice.

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