Year 5 Homework 22/11/18

Remember to practise your spellings and multiplications and to read your reading record every night (minimum 10 pages). Please remember to get your reading record signed also – indicate the name of the book and pages being read eg. Charlie and the Glass Elevator, Pages 1 – 52. Your spelling test takes place on Friday mornings.



Write a detailed setting description inspired by this picture.

Remember, when describing a setting, it is a great idea to make use of your 5 senses! What can you see, smell, hear, touch and taste?

Also, make sure you include as many sentences types as you possibly can. See below for some examples.

  • 2A sentence – the deep, dark forest
  • 2 adverb sentence – Drops of rain dripped slowly and eerily from the tips of the leaves to the ground.
  • Trailing off sentence- Nobody entered the forest and came out alive…



Complete the worksheet on long multiplication.

Remember your steps:

  • X by Ones
  • Place holder
  • X by Tens
  • Add
  • Comma


Complete the worksheet on Forces.


Next week, we will be working together as a class to fill a Christmas gift box for a 15-year-old boy who doesn’t have as much as we do.


For your RE homework, please write a letter to this boy, wishing him a lovely Christmas. We do not know the religion of the boy who will be receiving our lovely gift, so perhaps you could explain to him why we celebrate Christmas and some of our traditions.

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