Homework and Spellings WB 19.3.18

Homework is due back on Tuesday 27.3.18

Homework Overview – tells you what to do!

English – Poetry – As it was National Poetry Day this week, we want you to write your own Kennings or Acrostic poem on the subject/topic of your choice. Examples and definitions have been left in the homework pack.

Comprehension – As we are learning about Explanation Texts at the moment, we want you to read the text about Roman Roads and answer the questions – remember to provide evidence with quotes!

Short Division – This week we have been practising short division. Practise the method using the worksheets – we have put them on square paper to assist with your working out. If you are dividing with 11 or 12, you still use short division as you should know those times tables!


Complete your design and entry for the science competition (deadline is the end of term)!


To celebrate the Easter celebrations, there will be an Easter Bonnet Parade on Thursday – WE WANT YEAR 5 TO WIN – get making!

Spellings – Making adverbs from verbs by adding – ably – sheet 15

remarkably, profitably, suitably, arguably, noticeably, admirably, imaginably, notably, reliably, justifiably


Homework and Spellings WB 12.3.18

Homework is due back on Tuesday 19.3.18

Homework Overview – tells you what to do!

Literacy – Poems for recital – It is world poetry day next week and Year 5 have been tasked with learning a poem to recite. I have left a copy of the poem in your homework – take it home and practise it for a recital! The chosen reader/readers will get a prize.7

Numeracy – Short Multiplication – This week, we have been learning about multiplication methods. Complete the short multiplication worksheet in your homework packs.

Science – Complete your design and entry for the science competition (deadline is the end of term)!

RE – Create a wanted poster of Jesus! You will need to research the reasons that the Pharisees wanted Jesus to be arrested and killed and put them on the poster as reasons.

Spellings – Making adjectives from verbs and adding -able – Y5-word-work-sheet-14

comfortable, dependable, enjoyable, portable, noticeable, manageable, achievable, debateable, reliable, enviable

Homework and Spellings WB 5.3.18

Homework is due back on Tuesday 13.3.18

Homework Overview – Tells you what to do.

Literacy – This week we have been innovating our own prequels to the story of The Tempest by William Shakespeare. Pick one of the characters who appear in your version and write a detailed character description of them using the sentence types we have practised, e.g. the witch Sycorax (Caliban’s mother).

Numeracy – Area and perimeter – This week we have been learning about area and perimeter. Complete the area and perimeter worksheets provided. Remember, Perimeter is the total length around the outside of a shape and Area is the total space the inside takes up (remember the correct units of measurement).

Topic – Play the continents and countries naming game that I put on the school website.

RE – This week we have been learning about Lent from scripture. I want you to write an account of Palm Sunday. Research the story using the internet or use you Bible (Mark 11:1-11) if you can’t remember it.

Spellings – Suffixes –able, -ably and –ation (sheet 13)

considerably, consideration, adorably, adoration, admirable, admiration, applicable, application, durable, duration