Homework and Spellings WB 5.2.18

Homework is due back on Tuesday 20.2.18

Homework Overview – Tells you what to do.

Literacy – We have been focusing on stories about Thor. Use the sentence types and story structures that we have practised to create your own mythical story about Thor!

Numeracy – Mastering-Fraction-Addition-and-Subtraction, Mastering-Equivalent-Fractions, Mastering-Comparing-Fractions, – We have been practising fractions heavily this half term. Show how much you have mastered them by completing the worksheets in your books.

Topic – 7 Wonders of the World – Next Half Term, we will be focusing on the Natural World around us (Geography – countries). There are 7 modern wonders of the world that exist today (buildings). I want you to investigate 1 of them and make a model/presentation about it to be shared when you come back.

Spellings – Suffixes –ent and -ence

evident, evidence, obedient, obedience, patient, patience, independent, independence, innocent, innocence

Homework and Spellings WB 29.1.18

Homework is due back on Tuesday 6.2.18

Homework Overview – explain what to do this week.

Literacysimile, metaphor and personification sheets – We have been focusing on our descriptive writing this week and were using poetic language (simile/metaphor/personification). We haven’t looked at personification but it’s just giving something that isn’t human, human characteristics. Complete the worksheet – there are 2 levels of difficulty.

NumeracyCHALLENGE A, CHALLENGE B & C – We have been practising finding fractions of amounts. I have left 3 challenges for you to choose from (or do them all – it’s up to you!). Challenge A is a maze to escape from – choose your own path. Challenge B and C require you to find fractions of amounts, but there are remainders! I have left an example on how to do each.

Topic: Viking Homework Carousel – This is the last week of the Viking Carousel activity. Choose one more activity to complete (from the category you haven’t done yet). We’ve had some fantastic entries so far!

RE: Passover Text, RE Story Board– We have been looking at Exodus and focused on the Passover. I have left a section of the Exodus story in your homework packs and a story board. Draw a comic strip detailing the events of the Passover.

Spellings – Suffixes –ent, -ence, -ency

decent, apparent, convenient, different, intelligent, consequence, influence, violence, efficiency, urgency